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You meet the woman who changed your gender and has been controlling you

All of a sudden, you find that you can control your movements again. You look down at your gorgeous body wearing the corset and black stockings. There is no doubt in your mind that if you were still had male anatomy, you would have quite a hard-on right now.

A raven-haired woman wearing a black skirt and white blouse walks into the room carrying some sort of high-tech device. "Hello, there," she says in a sickeningly sweet voice. "I'm Doctor Anna Smith."

Doctor Anna Smith? You know her! You had heard that she went to some Ivy League school and was thrown out for conducting some rather questionable scientific research.

"Anna!" you shout angrily. "Why have you done this to me?"

"Oh, cut the act. I know some part of you is enjoying this," she replies with a wink and a smile.

"Okay, wearing these clothes is nice," you admit. "And I am a little turned on by my looks. But I never asked to have anyone take control of my body."

"And I never asked you to make fun of me in school," she retorts, her voice no longer sickeningly sweet. "Fair exchange, in my opinion."

"What is that thing you're holding?" you ask as you start to walk toward her.

"Stop right there!" Anna barks. She presses some buttons on her device. You feel your body stand to attention, as if you are in the military. You try to move, but cannot.

"This device," Anna replies, "is capable of transforming men into women. I can even transform a man's clothing into women's clothing. And, as you know, I can use this device to control those whom I transform."

Your eyes widen in fear. Anna sees your expression and laughs. "Don't worry, sweetie, this will be fun. You're going to come along with me while I play."

She forces you to go to the closet and put on a dark blue prom dress with a low neckline, puff sleeves, and a short poufy petticoated skirt. There is a large bow on the back of your dress. Blue sequins on the bodice and skirt of the dress give you a sparkly appearance. She gets your blonde hair done up very nicely, placing a bow on the back of your head to match the one on your waist. She does your nails and adjusts your makeup. Even the eye shadow that she places on your face has some sparkle to it. When she is done, you are quite the pretty little prom queen.

You and Anna leave the room and go outside. She has a red Hummer parked nearby. You both climb in and drive toward downtown.

Once you reach downtown, Anna pulls into a parking garage across the street from one of the larger skyscrapers, a 20-story bank building. She pulls into a space on the second level. The two of you climb out of the Hummer.

"I've programmed the device so that you will respond to my verbal commands," Anna says. "You will answer to the name 'Lisa.' Lisa, curtsey for me."

You obey Anna's command, grabbing the edges of your poufy skirt and doing a perfect curtsey. "Very good," Anna says approvingly. "Now, I want you to watch what I'm going to do."

Because of Anna's command, you have no choice but to watch. "See that man over there?" she says to you in a low voice, pointing to the crosswalk. You follow the direction of her finger and spot a dark-haired gentleman, roughly about 6'5", waiting for the "WALK" signal. "I see him," you reply, surprised that you can control your own voice. Maybe you should try yelling for help?

Anna points to the skyscraper. "He works in one of the offices in this building. He's made sexist remarks toward some of the women that work there. Well, now he's going to find out what it's like."

She points the device at the man and punches some instructions into the computer. "After you change him, is he going to look exactly like me?" you ask. "Are you going to make him wear a prom dress, too?"

Anna laughs and kisses you on the cheek. "You'll find out soon, dear."

Written by an anonymous author

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