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The Lord of Power

Suddenly a portal opens up in the sky and a beam of yellow energy blasts out. it hits the ground right in front of Anna. when the blast disappears, you see a strange man standing there. He has a long black beard and a black mustache, and his long black hair resembles a typical sage's hairstyle, rolling down his back in a point. He wears red and yellow robes. When he speaks, his voice is deep and resounding. "The next one won't miss." he says. "Now reverse the damage you have done or else." Anna aims the device at him and fires, but he simply holds out his hand and the beam hits a force field. He grins, then slams the beam back at Anna. It hits and knocks her back, causing her to drop the device. The man grabs it. "What...did you do?" you ask. The man simply smiles. "I inverted the transformational ray and reflected it." "Then that means..." you begin. The man nods. "The cruel being has been subjected to the reverse of her own cruel prank. Heh, well I shouldn't say 'her' anymore..." Sure enough, the inverted beam has transformed Anna into a scrawny little old man. "And now to reverse the damage the device has done." He presses the button to fire it, then tosses it up into the air. The beam fires, but he puts up his shield again and reflects the beam at the building, where it hits the 'man' that Anna transformed. Instantly, 'he' is himself again. "And now you." he says, and proceeds to give a repeat performance, this time reflecting the beam at you. You are returned to your true form. "Who are you?" you and 'Anna' ask simultaneously. "I am the Lord of Power," he says "I must be going now." He breaks the device in half and throws the pieces at 'Anna', then vanishes.

Written by the Master

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