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You take the ring away from Christina

After about fifteen erotic minutes, Christina orders you and Britney to get off of her. You and Britney instantly rise to your feet. You can see both yourself and Christina in the mirror on the far wall. Britney still has on a white thong bikini, while you are wearing a red Playboy bunny costume complete with black bowtie, bunny ears, a small white fluffy tail on your butt, black fishnet pantyhose, and black high heels.

"That was nice, dollies," Christina whispers lustfully, getting to her feet and walking up to Britney. "Very nice."

Britney is looking into Christina's eyes with a facial expression of mixed emotions. Christina's power has caused both her and you to want to be treated like sex dolls. At the same time, though, you both are aware that it is Christina's spell making you feel that way.

But, wait . . . you notice something while Christina is busy paying attention to Britney. You can move your finger! You try moving your whole right hand . . . you can move that, too! Christina has made a mistake and allowed you to have freedom of movement again!

You tackle Christina from behind. Both of you fall to the ground hard. Christina's head hits the floor, and she is momentarily stunned. You rip her belly button ring out, causing her to scream in agony.

Britney looks at you as if you have gone mad. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" she yells. "Now she'll be majorly pissed! Who knows what she'll do to us!"

"I don't think she's going to do anything to us," you reply calmly. You look down at Christina, who is writhing on the ground and clutching her stomach. She is bleeding profusely where her belly button ring had once been.

"Okay, Christina," you say with a triumphant smirk. "Your belly button is healed and no longer bleeding." Instantly, Christina's stomach changes back to normal. The blood on her stomach disappears. Not even a scar is left.

"How did . . . ?" Christina starts to say. She rises to her feet. "You will give me that ring now, Missy."

"Christina, you will stay where you are and not move," you command. "However, you will be able to speak to us and hear what we're saying."

Christina's body stiffens. She stands before you and Britney, helpless.

Britney pats you on the back and cheers. "Yay!" she shouts jubilantly. "Way to go, Missy!" Britney walks up to Christina and slaps her left cheek.

"Ouch!" Christina shouts, still frozen in place by your command.

"You deserve much worse than that, you demented bitch," Britney hisses angrily.

You grab Britney's arm and pull her over to you. "Britney, we need to talk," you tell her in a low tone. You turn to Christina. "Christina, you are now completely unable to speak, move, or hear what we are saying."

"Why, you . . . ." Christina starts to shout, but is cut off as she suddenly finds herself completely frozen.

"We're not out of the woods yet," you tell Britney. "Remember, Mistress Laurie is still here, and she has the same power that this ring gave to Christina."

"Right," Britney agrees. "So what do we do now?"

"I have an idea," you reply.

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