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How to take away Christina's power?

You would rather be alone with Britney, but Christina is not about to let you take control of the situation while she wields her magic. "Both of you are over here making love to me," Christina commands the two of you. "Britney, you are kissing me on the lips and squeezing my boobs. Missy, you are fingering my pussy, kissing my stomach, and sensuously massaging my ass."

You and Britney release one another and walk over to Christina, who plops down on the bed eagerly. You both do exactly as Christina commanded. Christina moans as your delicate fingers tickle her pussy and your other hand rubs her smooth ass. Britney pinches Christina's hard tits, getting Christina even more turned on.

"Mmm, yesssssssssss," Christina whispers erotically.

"Damn it," you think to yourself, helpless to stop yourself from being used as a sex doll. "What can we do to stop Christina and Mistress Laurie?"

As you are kissing Christina's stomach, you notice a belly button ring with a tiny blue stone attached to it. The facets of the stone have an unusual sparkle. It is almost as if the stone is emanating some sort of energy. Could this be the source of Christina's power, or is it nothing more than an unusual looking trinket?

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