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You and Britney start working on a plan

"I have an idea," you reply.

You turn toward Christina. "Christina is unfrozen, but now believes that she is the faithful servant of Britney and I. She will do whatever we command her to do."

Christina's naked body, which had been as still as a statue, is now moving again. She walks toward you and Britney. "I will do whatever you ask of me," she says.

Britney eyes Christina suspiciously. "You sure she's not faking this, Missy?"

You hold the ring up. "I now possess the ability to read Christina's mind," you say. Images from Christina's brain pour into your head. You examine her thoughts carefully and do not find any sign of deception. You see many images of Christina faithfully and happily serving you and Britney.

"She's not faking," you reassure Britney.

Britney lets out a sigh of relief. "Okay, so what's your plan?"

You do not answer. Instead, you start to give Christina a set of commands. "Christina I want you to put on one of your '50s housewife dresses and get your hair and makeup fixed in a manner appropriate for such an outfit. I want you to fool Mistress Laurie into believing that you are still controlling us and that you are still the person you were before I used this ring on you. Do you understand so far?"

"Yes, I understand," Christina replies obediently and sweetly.

You and Britney hammer out the details of your plan to take down Mistress Laurie. The plan has to work properly or there could be big trouble for you ladies . . . .

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