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All "Dolled" Up and Ready to be Played With

"I am using images plucked from your mind to help create your ideal fantasy home . . . ." Velseth says as you fade into unconsciousness.

When you wake up, you find yourself sealed up inside some sort of box. Through a transparent plastic window in front of you, you can see a large, fully furnished living room. The room is something like what you might see in a mansion. It has a high ceiling, long sectional couches, and perhaps the largest home entertainment center you've ever seen.

"Wow!" you think to yourself. "This place looks incredible!"

You look down at yourself to study your body. You have the perfect female body, just like a Barbie doll come to life. You are wearing a short black miniskirt, black high heels, and a white top that leaves your belly button exposed. Your long blonde hair flows down your shoulders. You may well be the sexiest toy doll ever made.

You hear footsteps and look up to see five people enter the room. Two of them are adults, and the other three are kids. You soon learn that the two adults are the parents, and the kids are their son and daughters.

As the five people look at you in your box, you freeze. You try to move, but it's as if your body has become a statue. "This is just like in my private fantasies," you think. "As soon as someone looks at me, I am unable to move. They think I'm a doll. It's supposed to be a secret that I'm actually alive."

"Happy birthday!" the parents say to the older of the two daughters. The older daughter is 16. The younger daughter is 15, and the son is 12. The older daughter, Monica, appears delighted, and her sister, Suzette, is also happy to see you. Monica is blonde, while Suzette has brown hair. The dark-haired son, Jared, studies your smooth legs, well-rounded breasts, tight skirt, and beautifully made-up face and hair with a look of lust.

"Thank you!" Monica beams at her parents. "It's exactly what I wanted! I can't wait to play 'dress up' with her!"

The words "dress up" would have given you a hard-on if you still had your male genitalia. Nonetheless, a tingle of excitement runs through you as you imagine yourself in pretty dresses and skirts.

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