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Tea time

Normally, teenage girls no longer play with dolls. In this fantasy world that Velseth's magic created, however, Monica and Suzette enjoy playing with Barbie toys very much.

After you are taken out of your box, Monica and Suzette take you to a large upstairs room which, you soon learn, is used exclusively as a playroom. The girls place you in a white chair at a wooden table in one corner of the room. Suzette announces that it is time for tea and heads back downstairs. When she returns a few minutes later, she is carrying a tray with a glass pitcher of tea, cups, saucers, a small bowl of sugar, and spoons.

"Barbie, you get some tea first," Monica says, and pours you a cup. In your current state, of course, you are not able to eat or drink. Suzette takes your arm and your cup and pretends that you are drinking.

"She likes the tea," Suzette smiles.

As Suzette finishes her sentence, Jared enters the room.

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