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You step out of your box

You are life-sized, just the way you wanted Velseth to make you. You are about the same height as Monica, your new owner. Although you have not had a chance to explore your new body, you sense that you may have some sort of mechanisms inside of you.

"Here's her remote control," Suzette says, pulling a shiny black device from behind you.

"Hand it here, Suzette," Monica asks, extending her right hand toward her younger sister. Suzette hands the device to Monica.

"So, turn it on," Suzette requests.

"I'm trying to find the button for that," Monica answers, thumbing through an instruction manual that was also in your box. "Here."

The mechanisms you had sensed inside you suddenly come to life, causing your body to stand to attention. The touch of a few more buttons on the remote causes you to step slowly forward and out of the box. You move with an odd mix of feminine grace and mechanical stiffness.

"Wow, she is hot," Suzette coos, clearly impressed with your sexy body and clothes. "I wish I could look that good in a miniskirt."

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