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The men who have been chasing Betty walk into the restaurant

Smiling, you wait patiently for Betty to come to your booth so you can talk to her some more. You peruse the menu and consider ordering a salad (have to maintain your girlish figure, after all).

Suddenly, Betty comes hurrying up to you from the kitchen. She is trying to conceal it, but you can see fear in her eyes. The man-turned-pretty blonde bends over to whisper to you. "I have to tell you something," she hisses.

"Okay, Betty, but remember, you`re wearing a dress now," you whisper back with a grin. "Might not want to bend over too far or you`ll be giving everyone a good look under that red petticoat of yours."

To your secret delight, Betty`s cheeks turn bright red. Adjusting the skirt of her dress, she sits down next to you. Looking at her sexy pouty lips, beautiful eyes, and long blonde hair, it`s difficult for you to remember that she was a man not too long ago. "You need to look at the front entrance," she says, her eyes moving in that direction.

Taking a quick glance in order to avoid drawing too much attention, you notice that there are three men standing at the door all wearing suits and ties. All three men have slicked-back hairstyles and are all at least 6 foot 3.

"Remember how I was telling you earlier that I was being chased?" Betty says. "Those are the guys chasing me!"

You take a deep breath before you start to talk. "Betty, listen to me," you say, keeping your voice low. "These guys are looking for your old male self, not a busty blonde car hop waitress. You`re safe!"

Two of the men approach the front counter. You see one of them start to talk to Betty’s new friend Ashley. The other one stops one of the restaurant managers and starts talking with him. The third one, the tallest of the three men, spots Betty and starts to approach her.

"Oh, shit," Betty whispers. "Somehow, he knows!"

Before you have a chance to tell Betty that this man could not possibly know about her gender change, the man is at your booth. What will you and Betty do now?

Written by an anonymous author

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