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Betty gets a date?

With his slicked-back hair, the man standing in front of you does not look like someone you would want to mess around with. You decide to try using your femininity to your advantage and try to distract him. "Can we help you?" you ask the man sweetly.

You watch Betty turn her head to look up at the man. As you expected, the man does not give any indication that he recognizes Betty as being the man he and his partners have been chasing.

The man says to Betty, "Hey, there." He pauses to glance at the nametag on the front of Betty`s dress. "Betty, I hope you can help me."

"I-I`ll try," Betty stammers, not feeling entirely certain that this man doesn`t recognize her. Her rosy cheeks become a little pale.

A concerned expression comes across the man`s face at seeing Betty`s reaction. "Hey, you all right?" he asks Betty. "I`m sorry if I startled you, Miss Betty. I just need information."

He pulls something out of his front shirt pocket. It`s a picture of a man . . . a man that is very familiar to Betty. It`s a picture of Betty herself from when she was a man. "Have you seen this guy?" the man asks. "He may have come into this restaurant recently. I have reason to believe he`s hiding out either in here or another restaurant nearby."

Betty glances at the photo of her old male self for a moment, wondering if she would ever return to that former life. Pushing some strands of her hair aside, she responds, "No, I-I`ve never seen him before."

If the man is disappointed at Betty`s response, his face doesn`t show it. He smiles and says, "Thank you. Sorry to bother you." He glances at Betty for a second, then starts to walk away. He then turns back toward Betty. There`s something about the way he just looked at her . . . .

"Miss Betty, maybe I can make up for scaring you," he suggests. "I don`t usually like to startle pretty girls like that. How would you like to have a cup of coffee with me later?"

Betty glances at you with a wide-eyed look. Betty was a heterosexual male before her change, and even as a woman she still is not attracted to men. She looks as if she is about to tell the man "no," but instead she smiles sweetly and says, "Uh, sure. I won`t get off work for another 5 hours, though. Can you be back here?"

"I can," the man replies, smiling back. The smile helps to take away some of the scariness of his tough-guy looks. "I`ll see you then. By the way, my name is Lance."

"Okay," Betty says with a giggle that shocks you. Is she flirting with this Lance guy? You watch these events unfold with stunned silence. "I`ll see you later."

Lance walks off and rejoins the other two men. The trio departs the restaurant.

"What are you thinking?" you fearfully ask Betty. "I thought you said those guys were chasing you." Betty shakes her head as if trying to clear cobwebs. "I don`t know . . . something just kind of went off inside me. I . . . there was something about him . . . kind of nice."

"Oh, no," you moan, realizing what just happened. "You`ve been a woman only a short time, and you`re already flirting with a man?"

Betty shrugs. "It must be the programming you put in me," she replies. "I just found him to be . . . kind of cute." She smiles and adds, "He thought I was pretty."

"Great," you think to yourself. So do you let Betty go for coffee with Lance later, or do you try to talk her out of doing this?

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