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Her new life as a car hop waitress

You decide to follow the sexy new waitress you just created. She is walking toward a restaurant with a sign out front that says "The Car Hop Diner." The waitress is one of the most gorgeous dolls you have ever laid eyes on. She has long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes as sparkly as clear ocean water, luscious lips covered with cherry-flavored red lipstick, and long silky smooth feminine legs and a tight waist and butt like you would see on a swimsuit model. She is wearing a white car hop dress with red trim around the sleeves, waist, and collar. A little white apron with red trim is on the skirt of the dress. The skirt has white taffeta trim, and a red petticoat gives the skirt some delightful bounciness. On her head is a white headpiece with red trim. Around her neck is a white scarf with red polka dots. Attached to her collar is a white nametag with the name "Betty" printed in bright red letters. On her feet are a pair of white high heels. She has a pretty little red purse around her left shoulder. She is a vision of sheer beauty and sexiness.

The waitress notices you following her and stops her mincing walk to the restaurant. "Why are you following me?" she asks. "What do you want from me?"

"Right now, all I want is to see you in action," you reply coyly.

"This is crazy," she says, shaking her head as if trying to wake up from a dream. She closes her eyes and stands motionless for a few seconds. With her eyes still shut, she runs her hands up and down her body. She feels the dress, her boobs, her smooth legs, her long hair. She opens her eyes, looks down at herself for about a minute, then looks up at you again. "This is real, isn`t it? I`m . . . I`m . . . really a girl?"

"Yes, you are," you confirm. "And right now, you have to go serve your customers. I will come watch you and talk to you while you work. And don`t worry . . . I`ve altered everyone`s memories so that people will think you are a girl named Betty who is starting a new job at the Car Hop Diner today."

Betty shakes her head again. "This is crazy," she repeats. But then, a look of longing comes across her face. "And yet, I have this urge to go serve customers and smile pretty."

"Good," you say with an approving smile. "Don`t worry, I will stick around. The programming I have placed in your mind will help you through this. You will learn to enjoy what I have in store for you."

"Will I be able to act like a regular girl in there?" Betty asks. "Not like a guy in a dress and heels?"

"Yes," you reply with a chuckle. "I promise that no one will have any idea that you used to be a man. You are 100% female now."

"Okay, then," Betty says. "Here I go." And with that, she turns and continues walking to the restaurant with you at her side.

As the two of you walk through the front door, you lean over and whisper in Betty’s ear. "I`m going to sit at that table over there," you tell her, pointing to an empty booth not far from the restaurant`s main entrance. "Make sure to come over and see me. I`d like to place an order." You smile sweetly.

"Okay," Betty says, giving a nervous smile back at you. She walks up to one of the other waitresses, a beautiful blonde who reminds you a little of the actress Jessica Alba. She is wearing an identical car hop dress, petticoat, headpiece, and scarf. The waitress, whose nametag says "Ashley," lets out a girlish squeal and reaches out to hug Betty. "Oh, I`m so glad to see you!" she gushes.

Feeling the programming kicking in, Betty feels a surge of excitement. "Oh, Ashley, this is great! I`m so happy to work with you!"

Memories flood into Betty’s mind. Ashley is her friend whom she is attending a dance academy with. Both her and Ashley are training to become professional dancers. Betty and Ashley have known each other since doing cheerleading together in high school.

You watch as the two waitresses walk toward the kitchen, chattering away happily like any other two pretty girls who are best friends would do. Even though she was a man less than an hour ago, the programming is allowing Betty to function like a real girl even though she still retains the memories of her life as a male.

Written by Jessica

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