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Can I Take Your Order?

A guy is running toward you down the street at breakneck speed apparently trying to get away from something someone. Suddenly he sees you and heads your direction.

"Please, you have to help me!" He shouts "There are these really horrible people after me, is there anything you can do?"

A smile works it's way across your face.

"Well, there is something, but your not going to like it."

"Please, I don't care, anything to help me lose those crazies!"

"Okay, just remember, you asked for it."

With that you wave your hands and the man turns into a sexy waitress. Looking at "herself" in disbelief she gives you a dirty look.

"What the heck is this!" She screams

"Hey, you said anything, and this is my solution. Take it or leave it. By the way, that body will soon be very comfortable for you as well as the position I have placed you in, so you may as well get used to it. Look on the bright side, your lovely and at least those awful people won't be chasing you anymore. After all, they're looking for a man, not a waitress."

"Well, I guess you do have a point, and I did say 'anything' so I suppose I should be grateful rather than furious. And for some reason I have the sudden urge to head over to that restaurant and wait tables. Well, see ya!"

She waves and heads to the restaurant. You plan your next course of action carefully and decide . . .

Written by adventdestiny7

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