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A Ray of Hope?

You are sure that there is no way to reverse the change or to get rid of the bothersome voice in your head, so, at least accepting that much, you decide on a female name.

"Call me Annabelle." you finally say.

There you go! Was that really so hard? Now if only you'd learn to embrace this body as easily as you chose that name.

I may have chosen a female name, but in no way am I giving in to these desires you instill in me, no matter how intense they might be.

Suit yourself. You will soon come to understand that it is inevitable, but don't take my word for it. Keep trying to resist only to feel the desires intensify, you will see.

You don't give another response.

"Annabelle then." Raijin begins. "Maybe I can help you. There is a young girl somewhere in a tower not far from here who, so they say, has access to some of the most advanced magics there is. If you truly believe this is not your destiny, go to see her. Surely she can do something to fix your condition."

"Really?!" you shout in excitement. "You really think she can help?"

"If anyone can, she can." Raijin responds.

Upon hearing this, you grab the wizard and Kohiro and make your way to the opposite side of Raijin's domain. Just as he said, there stands a marvelous silver tower a few miles away. You ask the wizard if he can use his magic to get you there faster and he agrees. After just a few minutes, you are standing before the large oak door leading into the tower. You open it without a second thought and you hurry to the top with the wizard and Kohiro in tow. Soon, you are finally to the top of the spiral stairs. Two massive iron doors stand at the end of the small corridor. Believing that this is the girl's chamber, you rush forward to open them. You discover you need the other two's help to finally push the mass of iron open, but, with a great deal of effort, the three of you finally manage. When you step into the room, a girl, seeming to be no older than 12 turns around from the window to face you. She has piercing blue eyes, shoulder length jet black hair, and, for looking like a child, is quite lovely. She wears somewhat the equivalent of a schoolgirl outfit except the skirt is slightly longer and the top seems to be made of pure silk. Both the top and bottom are silver with gold trim. On her feet are a pair of silver pumps that seem to have a slight shimmer to them. For looking 12, she is a vision of beauty. Finally, she speaks.

"Welcome, I am called Nadira. I know why you are here, Annabelle, and I also know the series of events which brought you here. Although I cannot promise anything, I may have the solution to your plight."

"How do you know my name, and how do you know what I've been through?" you ask.

"Besides being most likely the most powerful magic user in this realm, I am also what they call a seer. I have seen everything that has transpired up to this point. You have had quite the adventure thus far. But if you wish to defy fate, I may have a way. Once again, I cannot promise anything. Will you still try?

"Of course! If there is any chance I can return to normal, I'm going to take it!"

"Very well."

With that, Nadira procures a strange vial from a nearby chest. The substance inside appears to be liquid and is sky blue in color.

"Drink this. It may help, or it may not. But there is still a chance. One more thing. There is also a chance that it will have the opposite effect. Instead of changing you back, it may cause your progress into a true woman to occur at an astounding rate and completion will be reached in a matter of minutes. It is up to you.

She hands it to you. You stare at it for a minute or so weighing your outcomes. Finally, you decide to give it a shot. You down the liquid with a single gulp and cross your fingers . . .

Written by adventdestiny7

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