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Elf Princess?

You suddenly start to feel very strange. Something is definitely happening, but you get the feeling your not returning to normal. That feeling is confirmed when your midsection begins to take on an even more hourglass like shape and your hair changes to a golden blonde and gets slightly longer. Your ears grow a bit and get a little point at the top of them and your attire is transformed to something you believe you might find a member of Robin Hood's group to be wearing except it's purple instead of green. The change is completed when an ivory circlet with a hexagonal shaped sapphire suddenly appears on your head. Recognizing royalty when they see it, Nadira, the wizard, and Kohiro all kneel before you.

"Wha . . . what happened? Why are you all kneeling?" you ask in an English accent immediately covering your mouth afterward.

"That should be obvious, Karuli, Princess of the Luredian Elves and Destroyer of Shadows." the wizard responds.

"What name did you just call me? And what's with all this 'Destroyer of Shadows' stuff?" you question even more confused than before.

"You are Princess Karuli, the Elf Princess in command of the Luredian race. You earned the title 'Destroyer of Shadows' after conquering many of the Dark One's Shadow Assassins. Starting to sound familiar?"

Suddenly, all the memories you've had up to this point begin to fade and blur into obscurity, slowly being replaced by new ones. Memories of life as an Elf Princess and your battles with the Shadow Assassins. Suddenly, everything clicks into place and you know your place.

"Yes, of course, now I remember. The last Shadow Assassin I fought was Duriel. She was no pushover, but I managed to best her in the end. So, shall we search for the others? With as many as I have defeated, there are most likely few left." you state in a noble tone.

"Yes, at once princess. We will follow your every command no matter how terrible the danger!" the wizard replies humbly.

"What do you wish of me, princess? Shall I remain here or do you want me to accompany you on your journey?" Nadira asks.

Well, your the princess and you make the decisions, what will it be? Does she stay or join you?

Written by adventdestiny7

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