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Nothing. Nada. Nill. Zero. Sucks to be you babe!

Absolutely nothing happens. You don't feel any different, and you don't look any different. Still a girl, still beautiful, still transitioning.

"It didn't work!" you say to Nadira.

"I told you that it might and it might not. There was a 25% chance of your returning to normal. There was also 25% chances that it would work, would simply speed up the process, or would do something entirely different altogether such as make you a princess or a mermaid or an elf girl. You get the idea. What thoughts were running through your mind as you down the formula?"

"Huh? Why does that matter?" you question her.

"That could have something to do with it." she replies.

"Well, I suppose I was thinking of what life would be like as a woman and dreading the answer."

"That's it. You were still picturing yourself as a woman when you drank, therefore, you remained as such. Unfortunately, it would take millennia to reconstruct the formula and there would still be no guarantee it would work. It seems as though you are indeed fated to remain a woman and, in time, fully transition into one mind and body, I am very sorry I couldn't help. Please leave now, I have other matters to attend to."

You don't need to be told a second time. Sulking in your misfortune, you descend the stairs and meander out the door, the wizard and Kohiro still following. As soon as you are a few feet beyond the tower, the wizard speaks.

"I told you that you can't escape your destiny. You are to find a suitable man to make love to you, after which you will marry and become pregnant. After carrying for the required amount of time, you with birthe the Hero of Destiny. It is inevitable. no matter how much you try to escape and defy fate, your destiny was written long before your arrival here. But don't take my word for it. Keep fighting it and discover the truth for yourself."

"What if I don't WANT to do any of that? What if I don't CARE if the Dark One wins and this world falls to darkness? What if I don't BELIEVE in your stupid prophecy?!" you shout.

"There is something you don't understand. If this world falls into the hands of the Dark One, you will be forever trapped here and forever trapped in that body progressing into more and more of a woman as the days pass. I believe that at that point, the Dark One will take you forcefully, rape you, allow you to birthe his offspring, then kill you. Is that really what you want?"

"So your saying I lose either way? On the one hand, I submit willingly to some man I don't even know, allow him inside me, marry him, and give birth to this so called hero. On the other, I get captured, made love to forcefully, and provide the Dark One with an heir only to be killed afterwards? I don't like EITHER of those options. Are you sure there isn't some OTHER way to defeat this Dark One and at least stay a virgin? Why must the hero destroy him? Can't I at least TRY to end this now before he gains any more power?"

"I'm afraid only the Hero of Destiny can match the Dark One's power. I am not saying you are weak. On the contrary, you are quite formidable indeed. However, it will take more skill than the three of us combined to defeat the Dark One. His powers are the likes of which no one can possibly comprehend. If he wanted, provided you were in range, he could make you his bride with a mere snap of his fingers and you would gladly give yourself to him. His power is that potent."

"But this hero can rival it?"

"Indeed. It is said that the hero will acquire an artifact of phenomenal potency and the Dark One will be unable to stand against him."

"No one else can find or use this artifact?"

"No, I'm afraid not. Only the Hero of Destiny will be able to locate the artifact and only he will be able to wield it."

"Seems I'm out of ideas, out of options, and running out of time." you say regrettably. "But I don't even know how to find this 'future husband' or even what I'm supposed to think when I do find him."

"You need not search for him, he will find you. Now, the question remains. Will you accept your destiny or continue to run from it only delaying the inevitable?"

The voice suddenly jumps in again.

This can all be much easier if you just let me help you complete your transition. Once again, this is NOT being forced on you, but the sooner you let it happen, the better. Can't you see that?

First of all, if you weren't forcing it, I wouldn't be a woman to begin with, and second, all other things point to much more disconcerting outcomes. Just do it before I kill myself!

If you do that, you are truly a coward. You would rather die than return peace to this land a live a happy and prosperous life as a woman?

If it's the only way to cheat destiny, than I am slightly considering it.

You would merely be reborn as a woman. And as such, you would be asked to fulfill the prophecy yet again. And killing yourself again would only cause the cycle to repeat. Over and over again until it was done. So killing yourself would accomplish nothing.

So I am bound to this fate by unbreakable chains, is that what your implying?

Basically, yes. Just finish the transition and fulfill the prophecy. Then you can get on with your life. Does being a woman really bother you THAT much?

You can no longer stand it. You scream inwardly at the voice.


You don't have to be so angry. I'm just trying to help. Anyway, run your fingers through your hair and caress your skin. That should quicken the process.

You do as the voice says noticing that you do feel slightly more at ease. You really begin to wonder if this really is all that terrible of a thing. The more you touch your smooth skin, the more comfortable you become. The voice continues to guide you along.

That's it. That's a good girl. Now cup your breasts in you hands just for a moment and move them up and down to get a real feel for them.

You don't hesitate. You grab your breasts and push on them a bit. Your reward is a slight jolt of electricity through your body. Then you run your fingers over your nipples. An even stronger jolt of electricity runs through you. Then you reach down and touch your private regions. The feeling that follows is indescribable. You stubbornness and resistance melt away as you find the little nub inside the hole down there. Electricity cascades through you as though you are a living power line. You immediately pull away, but know you feel much more comfortable in this body. You like the new you and what it has done for you.

See? Now was that really so bad? You have fully accepted yourself in practically minutes. And now that it's done, I'll do as promised, farewell and good luck.

Wow! I should have just allowed this from the beginning! I had no idea it felt that incredible! Being a woman really isn't so bad! I think I actually WANT to stay this way now! Oh heaven help me! you finish your internal struggle.

The wizard and Kohiro can tell that you have conformed just from the look in your eyes, but it's too early to celebrate just yet, because at that moment, black creatures start to rise from the ground, what will you do?

Written by adventdestiny7

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