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Decision time

It was my 7nth birthday and I REALLY wanted that flashing scooter that always tempted me and jumped out at me in the toy-shop window. After lunch my auntie Maria came round. She gave me a cool card with a monster on the front with pop-out eyes. I opened the card and in side it said, "To Timothy, I hope you have an awesome birthday, so I've given $100 to buy that scooter you wanted. You can always spend the money on that blue TV you wanted though. Have fun. From auntie Maria, x x x". When I went out the next morning, I walked past that toy shop again. And sure enough, that scooter was there again. I stepped into the toyshop door, and there stood that scooter ready to be picked up by ME. I reached out to pick out the scooter when a hand grabbed me by the wrist. He had fangs and a wolf like face. "Aoooooooh!" It screeched. It was a WOLF!!!!

Written by Ella Bella

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