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The baby hops out of your pouch and sniffs around for a minute, then begins to bounce off towards a large hill. "Please wait!" You call out. "Can't catch me, I'm a bumblebee!" the baby roo retorts in a high-pitched giggly voice. Your marsupial legs bound faster and faster, trying to catch your progeny. When he takes a very sharp left at the bottom of the large spire of earth. You stop and sniff around. Your nose knows best, and your nose smells a delicious fruity smell. There's an apple tree nearby! You grab a few apples and put them into your pouch and go back to the spire. You notice a small hole, just large enough for a miniature kangaroo, and just too small for a full-grown one. You try to pick up a large rock that, with human arms, would have been simple to pick up, but with kangaroo arms was much too dificult. The area around the hole does seem very weak.... You decide to give the area a hard kick, and sure enough, the hole caves in. You peer into the tunnel and immediately notice an ancient and fish like smell. You are looking down an old druidic stone tunnel. You can just barely hear a faint tap tap tap. The bouncing hop of your joey! You have difficulty bounding down the tunnel because the walls are not quite high enough for a large kangaroo to jump in. A little further down and the smell increases 3 fold. A few drops of water splash onto your head. "Where the hell is that little jumper?" you ask yourself. You follow the joey's soft bouncing into a dripping chamber of stone and moss. The joey hops onto a platform in the very center of the room and gives you a sly grin. The joey's tail shrinks into his body and he grows about 1 foot and turns into a small man. "Hello wanderer," the mysterious figure says.

Written by Zach Richardson

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