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The Wolf!

The wolf took me up to the till and threw me over the counter! Then he slipped a sword out of his till and growled, "You have no reason to keep your head, do you? So I cut it off for you!!!" I jumped to my feet and ran to the end of the lonely arcade, until my feet couldn't carry me any longer. I sat down cross legged trying to catch my breath. Before long I heard the heavy panting and the banging of the wolf's feet behind me. I clambered back to my feet, stumbling as I went. I had 20% chance of winning this wild goose chase, I just knew it. Then the truth started to creep over me. I was right. I got lost and dehydrated, and suddenly I tripped over. The chase was over. The wolf grabbed me, but suddenly, he fell to the ground! And guess who had knocked him out? Old granny Mary!!!!

Written by Sarah

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