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Sexy Dance

Your poofy skirt evaporates, and your dress seems to melt away. Your hair piles up on top of your head. A silky pink veil comes down in front of your face. You look down and see a sexy, revealing, pink belly-dancer outfit on your body. You feel the intrusion of a thong, and look down at bare feet with pink painted toenails. On your fingers are little cymbals.

"Dance for me," says Gwen. You nod and begin dancing, writing your body. You have several silk veils around your shoulders, and as you dance, you begin to shed them. You toss a veil at Britney, who catches it. As you writhe towards Gwen, you pull off a large veil, and wrap it around her shoulders. She giggles as you wriggle in front of her, then turn away, tossing the veil over her head. Finally, you sense the end of the dance is near. When you finish the last veil, the one over your face, You sit down on the floor and strike a pose as you toss the veil in the air and watch it float down to the floor. Gwen claps excitedly.

"Mistress Laurie was right," she says, "I'm going to LOVE it here!"

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