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Gwen's magic wand

"It's a magic wand," Gwen says. "And I'm going to use it on you!"

You realize that it has to be Mistress Laurie making Gwen suddenly act this way. Britney tries to back away from Gwen, but is helpless to do anything. A burst of light emanates from the tip of the wand and strikes her. Her clothes transform into a short red cheerleader pleated skirt and crop top. Pom pons appear in her hands. Her hair is put up into pigtails with neatly tied red ribbons. Her lipstick takes on a darker red color.

When the changes to her clothing finally stop, Britney tilts her head to the left for a moment, a dazed expression on her face. She then starts to do a cheer, bobbing her head in a ditzy fashion from left to right.

"D . . . O . . . L-L-Y! Dolly, dolly, pretty, pretty dolly!" Britney shouts as she jumps around and does a series of high kicks. "What am I? A dolly! D . . . O . . . L-L-Y! Dolly!"

Britney ends the cheer waving her pom pons in the air. Gwen, watching approvingly, claps her hands.

"Yay!" Gwen squeals. "Now, you wait while I do a spell on Jessica." As Britney freezes in place, Gwen turns toward you.

"Uh, I think I'll just do some more dusting," you quickly say, picking up your french maid's feather duster and straightening your black dress.

Gwen ignores you and points the wand at you. The same burst of light that zapped Britney a few minutes ago now envelopes you.

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