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A beautiful night

You get up off the floor, and straighten yourself out. Gwen steps over to Britney with a smile. "I have Britney Spears completely under my control... what should I do with you?" she asks with a wink. Britney is visibly shaking.

"And you..." she says, stepping over to you. "I always thought Jessica Simpson was really hot, but just not too bright." You feel strange, almost dazed, like your attention span is gone. You find yourself looking at 'Gwen's' legs.

"But you, 'Jessica' aren't even a real girl. So I'm gonna take Britney here into my new room to play for a while." She smirks, then turns away, taking Britney by the hand and leading her out of the room. Once she's gone, you wait for a few seconds, then throw the door open and start looking for a way out. Unfortunately, you run into Mistress Laurie first. You find her standing by the door in a sexy black slit dress. You can clearly see her black stockings and her ample bosom practically falling out of the low-cut top.

"Going somewhere?" she asks with a grin.

"Please let me go," you say. "I don't even care if you change me back, I don't care if you don't let Britney or whats-his-name go, but please let me go!"

"Oh, now my sweet dolly... I can't let you go. Right now, Hal is living his greatest fantasy, and believe it or not, so is Britney. Why can't you let go and enjoy it? I can make this place a paradise for you. Why not embrace it?"

"This isn't my paradise! I have a life!"

"And now you have a better one. Free 24/7 orgasms, no one around but beautiful women, and all you have to do is enjoy it. I know you want to." Mistress Laurie steps over to you, towering over you in her high heels. "You'll never be sick, or afraid again. Just let go."

You open your mouth to protest, and Mistress Laurie pulls you into a kiss that melts away what little resistance you have left. Even the thong isn't bothering you so much anymore. You feel soft, safe, and warm. She holds you tightly as you kiss, her hand rubbing up and down your nearly bare back, and it feels good. You find yourself kissing her back, holding on to her, clinging to her. You feel woozy, dazed, when she finally breaks the kiss. You feel her lipstick on your lips and it makes you quiver.

"I..." is all you can say before breaking down into tears and holding your mistress so tight.

The rest of what happens is a blur. Somehow, it's all a rush of her taking you back to your room, tucking you in, and kissing you lovingly on the forehead. It's been a long day for you, and you worry that your willpower is completely gone. Still horny and longing for Mistress Laurie, you take a little time to explore your new new womanhood.

It's all so different, almost alien, but it feels so amazingly good that you can't help but touch yourself. You squeeze your new breasts, rub your nipples, and squirm in your own silky sheets. Finally, you reach down between your legs and start exploring your most sensitive of areas. The pleasure is so overpowering that you can't help but cry out in ecstacy. When you finally come, you thrust and flail and rock the bed before completely blacking out.

In the middle of the night, you awaken to the sound of your door opening wide. You turn and see a female sihlouette in the doorway. Still dazed from your ordeal and still a little horny, you shake your head to clear it. The woman flicks on the lights, and you see Britney standing there completely frillied out. She's wearing a pink and white dress with puffed sleeves and lace everywhere supported by so many petticoats that her skirt is practically completely horizontal. Her legs are covered in white silk stockings and she wears white velvet gloves on her hands. Her hair is insanely long, and combed straight down behind her, with little white and pink ribbons running through it. Her shoes are white platform mary janes. She clunks towards the bed and smiles, you can see her face is covered in makeup that makes her look at least a decade younger. You find yourself actually pretty turned on by her.

"Our guest has instructed me to please you before I go to sleep." she says seductively. She leans in close and whispers: "She's listening."

Before you can even say anything, Britney is kissing you passionately and crawling over your naked body in her silky clothes. She touches you in all the right places, and her velvety fingers make you shudder and shiver. Despite your objections, Britney brings you to another insanely powerful orgasm before you black out again.

When you awaken, Britney is naked, cuddling next to you, and sun is streaming in through a window. You feel refreshed, rested, and still a little tingly from the night before.

Written by Anon

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