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Tempting Hal

The magic forces you and Britney to take slow, sexy steps toward Hal. Mistress Laurie is amused (and a bit aroused) watching your poufed-up black skirt bounce lightly with each step. You grab Hal's right arm and gently tug him toward the dining room table. Britney takes Hal's other arm and does the same.

After slowly and sexily licking your lips, your mouth moves close to Hal's right ear. "Why don't you have a seat?" you say, the words rolling off your tongue in a breathy whisper.

"We just want to talk," Britney says in a similar breathy voice. She kisses Hal's left cheek.

"Why are you doing this?" Hal asks pleadingly, unaware that you and Britney are doing all of this against your wills. After settling down in a chair at the dining table, he gazes longingly at your French maid attire. "I know I never . . . had this kind of feeling . . . before . . . ."

Your facial expression changes to a sympathetic pout. "It's okay, sweetie" you soothingly tell the frightened young man. "I know how you feel." You take Hal's hand in yours. "Do you want to touch it?"

"Touch what?" Hal asks, a mixture of hopeful curiosity and great fear in his voice.

You turn around and bend over slightly, giving Hal a peek of your stocking tops. You are not quite bent over enough to expose your lacy panties. "You know what I mean," you say in a low tone, giving him a flirtatious sideways glance.

Britney moves closer to Hal and allows her skirt and petticoats to brush his arm. "You want to be a girl, don't you, honey?" she teases.

Hal turns his head to look at Britney. You watch his fingers open and close in his lap for a moment, as if he is trying to fight his urges. After a few seconds, he gives in to his desire. He pulls up Britney's skirt, leans his face over, and begins rubbing her frothy petticoats against his cheek.

Smiling, Britney moves even closer. Hal's hands work their way now under the petticoats. He marvels at the soft silky feeling of the black panties covering her crotch. A soft moan escapes his lips. Britney closes her eyes and lets out a moan of her own. Hal reaches down toward his own crotch with his right hand.

"It's fun dressing this way," Britney whispers. "Be good, and MAYBE the mistress will turn you into a girl, too."

Wonderful, you think to yourself. The thought of getting this man all aroused and having his hands reaching around in your dress sends a chill down your back. You want to run, but have no choice other than to wait for Hal to finish groping Britney.

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