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Becoming Holly

Hal suddenly pulls back, looking up at Britney with horror. "I'm so sorry," he said. He is visibly sweating now, he is trembling. "I'm so confused,"

"There there," you say, reaching over and stroking his hair. "There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Hal looks over, seeing your abundant cleavage. His hand reaches up to his own chest. After a moment of shakiness, Hal pushes up from the chair, knocking it over. He turns and starts to run. You look at Mistress Laurie who smirks.

"Follow him," she says. "I'll be right back." She winks and vanishes into thin air. You and Britney start running after Hal. You hear him running up the hallway. The two of you round a corner and see a door open. Hal's gotten into one of the rooms.

You look in and see a bright pink room covered in frilly lace and lacey designs. The walls have pictures of ballerinas, fairies, princesses. In the middle of the room is a huge canopy bed covered in pink satin. Hal stands in the middle of the room. He's trembling. He looks over at something. You follow his gaze and see him starting at the doors of the closet. He runs over and throws open the doors. He starts pulling out the clothes there, all frilly pink dresses, petticoats, lingerie and other girly clothes. He throws them all into a pile and dives into them.

You look in horror as he rolls around in the silk and lace. What has Mistress Laurie done to him? After a few frantic minutes, Hal calms down and sits up. He starts taking his clothes off, unaware, or uncaring that you two are still in the room with him. The two of you turns and step out, closing the door behind you.

Finally, Mistress Laurie comes walking up the hallway. She has a garment bag in her hands. She looks at the two of you standing next to the door. She seems pleased, which makes the both of you feel relieved. She knocks on the door.

"Hal?" she asks. After a moment of silence, she opens the door. Standing there in the middle of the room is Hal, decked out in a frilly pink prom dress with lipstick smeared on his face. His clothes are all on the floor across the room, as if hurled there. He looks up at Mistress Laurie with tears in his eyes. She opens the garment bag, and holds up a short, frilly pink dress with built-in poofy petticoats. It's the girliest thing you have ever seen, and you can't imagine anyone wanting to wear it. Hal pulls the dress away and starts pulling off the prom dress. He pulls the frilly one on. It sparkles everywhere, and the petticoats stand out like a tutu. Mistress Laurie steps out of the way. You and Britney cringe, as you see the massive bulge beneath the petticoats.

Hal gets down on his knees, holding on the Mistress Laurie's waist. "Please..." he says, "Make me a girl..."

Mistress Laurie touches him once on the forehead. Hal's face instantly changes, becoming softer, more androgynous. His hair falls down from his head, longer and longer. His arms and legs thin out, his hair vanishing. He grows shorter and shorter until he is just barely over five feet tall. His eyes get wider, and he looks significantly younger. The bulge beneath the frills is gone. Finally, a small, firm pair of breasts grow out from his chest. They reach just over a C cup before stopping. Laurie steps back, and Hal looks like a sixteen year old girl. She looks down at her frilly dress with wide eyes of delight. She squeals and giggles, then embraces Laurie with all her might.

"Thank you!" she says.

"Hal?" asks Britney, her voice shaking.

"Call me... Holly!" says the former Hal. She giggles, then runs up to both of you with delight. She plants a kiss on each of your cheeks. "Thank you," she says.

You look at Mistress Laurie with horror. If she could do that, just to torture someone on a whim, what would she do you YOU two, trapped here with her possibly forever.

Written by Anon

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