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Laurie reconsiders, decides to have fun with Hal a different way

Just before casting a spell to transform Hal, Mistress Laurie pauses. "Hmmm, I have a better idea."

She waves her left hand casually at Hal. You see no change in Hal's appearance, but gut instinct tells you that SOMETHING about him has changed. "What did you do?" you ask Mistress Laurie.

Mistress Laurie gestures toward Britney. A ditzy expression comes across Britney's face. She prances over to you, giving her hips a little extra sexy sway with each movement of her stocking-clad legs. Under Mistress Laurie's magical coercion, Britney says, "The Mistress is going to let the need to be female build inside of Hal for a while. She will force him to experience a longing to have his male body transformed, yet deny him his wish until the time is right."

Britney comes out of her trance. An angry look comes across her face briefly, then disappears. She gives you a look indicating that she does not want to encourage Laurie to do even crazier spells.

You turn to look at Hal and see him nervously chewing on his fingernails. He bends over and puts his hands on his knees. "Why do I want this so badly? I've been . . . curious about what it's like being a girl, but . . . ." His voice trails off. He folds his arms in front of his chest as if trying to contain the magically induced desire growing within.

Mistress Laurie grins and laughs evilly. "He's going to beg me to turn him into a girl. And you two are going to help me . . . tease him a little. Help his urge to get worse."

Against your will, your hands grab the edges of your poufed French maid skirt. You perform a very pretty curtsey. Britney does the same. You hear the words "yes, mistress" come out of your mouth and Britney's mouth simultaneously.

How exactly are we going to tease Hal?, you wonder.

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