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You meet Mistress Laurie's latest victim

. . . a "guest" walks into the dining room where you and Britney have been cleaning. He appears to be in his early twenties and has dark, slicked-back hair. He is wearing a leather jacket, a dark blue silk shirt, and a pair of jeans. You wonder who this man is and what is he doing here. He takes a long look at you and Britney, obviously very turned on by how you look in your revealing outfits. You feel your face warm up with embarrassment, but you and Britney continue following Mistress Laurie's commands and move into an adjoining kitchen.

Moments later, you and Britney emerge from the kitchen carrying food. Britney is carrying some sort of vegetable dish (you did not get a good look to see what it is), while you are carrying a turkey on a fine silver platter. You move to where the man with the slick hair is now seated, and see that Mistress Laurie has now joined him. Both have plates, silverware, glasses, and napkins laid out before them. Through magic, you and Britney learn that Laurie has invited this man here for a dinner date. You wonder if he would have come if he knew what else Laurie has in mind for him.

You and Britney set your food down on the table, then stop moving and look toward Laurie. "Girls," she begins, "I would like the two of you to meet Hal."

Hal gives a little wave and a "hello" to both of you, and you each curtsey and smile back at him. A curious look comes over his face.

"I suppose you've heard this before," he says, looking directly at you. "But you sure look a lot like Jessica Simpson. And you . . .," he continues, turning toward Britney, "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but . . . ."

"I look just like Britney Spears, right?" Britney interrupts, surprised to find that she is able to respond of her own accord. Laurie's magic quickly grabs hold of her again and prevents her from speaking further.

"Yeah," Hal says.

Laurie smiles. "They do hear that a lot," she tells Hal. "But they like it, don't you, girls?"

You and Britney are both forced to nod in agreement. "Yes," you reply. "Thank you for the compliment."

"No problem," Hal says.

"We are very lucky to look as pretty as we do," Britney adds, once again induced by Laurie's power.

"Wouldn't YOU love to look this good?" you chime in with your sexy Jessica Simpson voice.

Hal gives you both a stunned look. "Excuse me?!" he gasps.

"She said, 'Wouldn't YOU love to look this good?'" Laurie repeats.

"Uh, well . . . ." At this point, Hal is sliding his chair away from the table, getting ready to exit. Suddenly, though, he stops. A strange look comes over his face. He says longingly, "YESSSSS . . . oh, I wish I could look as hot as the two of you. In this body, though, I can't wear cute little dresses and skirts like you can."

"Well, we can change that, can't we, girls?" Mistress Laurie giggles.

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