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The purpose of this form is to make things easier, not harder. (Please, trust me on this.) It prompts you through the various pieces of information that the List uses, so that you don't leave anything out. If you would prefer to send in your entries using good old-fashioned email--or if your browser doesn't support forms--then please feel free to email me at . In addition, please let me know if the instructions in the form are unclear.

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(Please type it in last-name-first; for example, Chalker, Jack. If there are multiple authors, you can list them all; for example, Asimov, Isaac; Bova, Ben. If you don't know the author, please use Unknown.)

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Significance: How important is transformation to the story? In other words, is it worth seeking out this book just for the transformations? Please choose from the list.

Description: How much detail is used in describing the transformations? Please choose from the list.

Saturation: How many transformations occur in the story? Please choose from the list:

Comments: Okay, this is your chance to shine. Please give a brief description of the book--what it's about, what transformations occur, etc. Explain what's interesting about it, and why a reader interested in transformations should seek it out (or avoid it, as the case may be). Please try to keep your comments reasonably short; "no more than ten lines of text" is a good guideline, unless you think that more explanation is very important.

Notes to Phaedrus: If you have anything that you need to tell me (for example, "This is probably a spoiler...", or "I'm not really sure whether this falls into this category..."), then please do that here.

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