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List Format

(A quick-reference version of some of this information, that you can keep open while browsing the List, is available; if your browser supports JavaScript, you can also access the quick-reference version by using the "List Format" links at the top of many pages.)

At first, the List may look a bit imposing, with odd codes all over the place. But once you know the secret of what those little codes means, everything will fall into place.

An entry on the List looks like this:

David, Peter [AL] [BL]

+ Howling Mad {11,Ph/3,154/} [BBT]

[Ace; 1989; 0441346634; $3.50] [BB]

So, what does all of that mean? Let's break it down:

David, Peter [AL] [BL]

This first line gives the author of the book, Peter David. It also has two links that will lead you to more information about this author; the [AL] points to a list of Peter David's books, and the [BL] points to a page of reviews of some of his books. Different entries will have different links, with different two-letter codes to tell you what's on the other side. What do all those codes mean? Hold that thought; we'll get to it eventually...

+ Howling Mad {11,Ph/3,154/} [BBT]

This second line gives the book's title (Howling Mad), and a list of the people who have commented on this book. To save room, these people are listed by number; check the list of Contributors to find out whose number is whose.

The icon at the far left margin sums up all of these individual ratings:

Please take note that these ratings deal only with the question of "Does this book involve transformation heavily?" They don't deal with the question of "Is this book enjoyable to read?" we'll get to that question in a moment...

The [BBT] to the right is a link to the Bookstore Browser, to let you search various online bookstores for this book, by title and author. Again, you'll find all sorts of different types of links as you go through the List, with different codes telling you what the links lead to; we'll get to those codes before long, I promise...

[Ace; 1989; 0441346634; $3.50] [BB]

This next line has the publication info for a particular edition of the book--the publisher (Ace), the publication year (1989), the ISBN (0441346634), and the price ($3.50). Please notice that much of this information comes from my own collection (and the collections of other contributors), so the publication info given may well not be for the most recent edition. The [BB] is another Bookstore Browser link, this one doing a search by ISBN (for this particular edition) rather than for title.

Here we have the meat of the entry--the specific comments people have made about the book. The contributor of each comment is listed by number; for exaple, the first comment ("About a wolf who gets bitten by a werewolf...") was made by Gavin Steyn, #3.

Well, that clears everything up, right? Have fun with the List!


What the heck does "Rating: 3 Result: LY Significance: + Description: 0 Saturation: 0" mean?

An excellent question. Let's find out. :-)

Entry Format  

Joe Huber (#11), one of my best contributors, has devised a nice, compact format for adding lots of information to his comments. I've altered his format a bit, to make all the codes the same length and to make sure that all the codes were unique; I've also added a few additional codes.

So, that explains the List.. but the mystery of "What do those two-letter codes mean?" is still unanswered. If your answer to that mystery is "Who cares? I'll figure it out as I go!", then I admire your initiative; stop wasting your time here and start reading the List, silly! But for the more cautious souls among you, who want to know everything they can before they leap into the unknown, read on for just a bit more...

Link Codes

As you read through the list, you will sometimes come across funny little two-letter codes in brackets. These will lead you to all sorts of hopefully-interesting-and-relevant information. What sort of information? Well, here's the rundown...

I hope that this explanation makes the List more useful for you. If you still have questions, please let me know.

Where to from here?

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