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Time for Change...

Thinking something bad is going to happen if you press the green button, you... press the shiny golden one nearby! "NOOOO!! What have you done?! That button hasn't been tested yet!! Who knows what will happen!?!" says the freaky scientist dude. Suddenly, about a half-dozen needle-tipped tubes puncture your body and start to inject you with a strange liquid. You grit your teeth trying not to yell in pain. Then the tubes pop out of your body and you start to feel strange...

Then you look down at the backs of your hands and notice that the skin is dry and flaking... no, wait... scaling! Your growing scales all over your body! A tail and wings grow from your body. You've become a dragon!! The scientist dude jumps about happily and says "IT WORKED!! MY DRACO SERUM WORKED!!"

You look around confusedly and say, "Huh?".

The scientist says "For years i've been developing a serum to turn humans into dragons. I didn't think it was ready, but it worked!!"

You walk forward a bit and ask "Yeah, that's great and all, but....how do I change back?!"

"Hmmm? Change back?? I never counted on that. The serum is permanent. There is no way to turn back..." says the scientist.

You scream out in a fiery draconic roar "WHAT?!"....

Written by Khren Phyros, The High Dragon Mage (edited by wanderer)

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