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Here we go.

You arrive at the address that was on the advertisement. Your first thought is that you got the address wrong. The place looks as though it's been abandoned for years; something straight out of the 19th century. The surroundings make you a little nervous, but all the dollar signs in your head move you forward.

You knock on the door, and after a few minutes a pale faced man in a lab coat comes out. "Are yooou here for the joob?", he asks in a strangely accented voice, his tone barely abive a whisper.

"Yeah," is your only reply.

"Gooood." Just as he says that, everything seems to collapse around you and you black out. You wake up to find yourself tangled in tubing and wire, and hear the strange man's voice. "Press the green button on the floor." You look down, and see it just within reach

Written by Vergo (edited by wanderer)

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