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Kid trouble

at arround luch time the phone begins to ring, the 2 other cousilers (who are sisters) have to leave because their grand fathe just died. you say ggod by and than they are gone, leaving you with a bunch of 1-3 year-olds. you try to calm the babies down but they begin to cry. you try everything from burping them to making funny noises. but they will not stop. Then you realize..of couse! they need milk. so you go to the fridge and pull out one bottle of milk...the only bottle of milk. that one bottle is not going to be enough for 12 babies.. Suddenly you have a crazzy thought. what if you produce your own milk and feed them with that! you drink the bottle of milk yourself...but it is not enough to start your udder up. you walk outside with all the little kids and sit down on the the grass. than you bend over and start eating the grass...all the wile the babies are still crying. you eat and eat,..untill finally you feel you croch growing. you take off your thong and put it in your purse (no need to brake another)than you wait. you wait for about 3 minutes untill you udderis the size of a beach ball. Than you role up you floral skirt and lie back. the babies cral over to the stange groth between your legs and poke it and stuff. you giggle at the feeling...than finally one of the babies gets it. he raps hes little moush arround one of your uder's tites and begins to suck.. soon alll the babies are taking turns. The sucking on your tites is pleasurable and you begin to giggle. after an hour of the babies suckling on your udder. they begin to go to sleep. you look down and you see that your udder is still the size of a small melon. you are about to milk the rest out but that you hear knoking. the babies parent were here to pick up theire kids. you quickly pull your skirt back over your legs (your glade that you are wearing a long skirt and not a mini, otherwize your udder would be very obvious) and pic up the kids and take them to the door. you let the parents in and they pick up their kids and head home.. only a couple wonder why you are stanfing with your legs spread apart. You lock up the daycare and head home

that night you aare lying in bed with jim and you wonder what it would be like to have kids of your own with jim one day.

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