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the grass tasted good

you liked the taste of the grass and you silently get out of bed without Jim knowing and walk to your front yard. You bend down and start chewing the grass and it tastes like nothing before. As you eat you notice your udder and boobs are filling up. you decide to take off all of your clothes and keep eating through the changes such as the tail growing that swats at anything that moves. the nose and mouth fuse together to form a muzzle and you feel your legs get shorter and your arms grow. you watch in delight as your finges fuse into hooves and your toes do the same. you feel your ears move on up to the top of your head and then comes the fur that sprouts all over your body. You hear a gasp behind you and turn with your new cow body to see Jim looking confused. Then it looks like he has an idea. He comes over to you sits down and gets naked, and starts eating grass just like you. At first it looks like he dislikes it at first but then his eyes flash and he starts eating like mad. Will it work just like it did with you, or will he stay the same and gain a new hobby?

Written by James Bond

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