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Wish for an unlimited number of wishes

"I wish I had an unlimited number of wishes," you say.

The leprechaun smirks. "Do ye really think us leprechauns would allow ye ta wish fer somethin' like that? Doesn't work that way, Missy!"

You detect a certain nervousness in the leprechaun's behavior. "I think you're lying," you say triumphantly. "I think I now have an unlimited number of wishes."

The leprechaun's smirk changes to a frown. "All right, all right, I confess, ye have an infinite number of wishes now. I suppose ye'll be keeping me forever as yer slave?"

Your newly feminine face smiles at the leprechaun. "I think I'm going to like this," you say, your smile turning into an evil grin. The leprechaun gulps.

"Hmmm, what to wish for now?" you ask yourself out loud in your new teenage girl voice.

Written by an anonymous author

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