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hottness babe meter off scale!!!

"i wish for some new cloths please" you asked in a polite way "granted" said the Leprechaun and your now wearing girls jeans with other women cloths" you felt happy but then you felt like you want to be more hot then you had a idea for another wish "i wish that the last one of me being a girl gets to be stronger" you asked in a pleasntly way "ok it shall be granted" said the Leprechaun with some joy he snapped both his fingers and the you felt abit strange when you notice that your clothes are becoming tight and uncomfortable around your chest you took you top off then you noticed that your breasts are expanding at an alarming rate they are now the size of overinflated basketballs and still growing then you noticed that your butt also expands each side soon reaching the size of a large bowling ball and still growing yet after afew minutes you begin to be reliefed that it all slows down so you can look at yourself now Your breasts are now size double-L breasts and thier still growing slowly and then Your butt has burst through your pants now Your shirt and pants will no longer fit after 1 hour and 10 minutes the growth is slowing down your breasts and butt finally stop growing altogether Both of your breasts are now the size of rather large beach balls and your butt is half the size of large beach ball Suddenly you realise something else. Your body has changed in shape now to accomodate the sheer mass of your chest and buttocks. Your legs have increased in length and your thighs and hips are now blown out to accomodate the butt; your torso, too, has increased in size and elegance. The truly strange thing is that though the parts of your body that are roughly connected to your breasts and butt have increased in size, the parts of your body around thouse areas havent really grown alot and You also notice that your voice has changed from being soft, sweet and light like strawberries and cream and also noticed your hair has turned black onyx and it reachs to under your shoulders and also you also notice that your face that was once lovely, pretty and full of innocence is now beautiful, enticing and full of temptation and then leprechaun said " wow your hot" you said " yeah but i need new cloths now ones that fit will you please do that" then the leprechaun said "sure thing lassie" so he snapped his fingers and then a new pair of jeans and other type of cloths fit you perfectly your so happy that you gave the leprechaun a kiss which made the leprechaun blush abit and then the leprechaun asked " what will be you next wish lassie".

Written by bladra

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