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A new life, a new beginning

Then Lugia says, "I'll be waiting you at the waterfall!". As you turn to leave, the djinn appears... and he has news for you. "You have been a Lugia over 12 hours. You can't transform back to human." But you reply happily, "No problem! I'm happy being a Lugia!" The Djinn says, " As you wish... I'll never disturb you again. Farewell..." And the Djinn vanishes. Suddenly, "Hey, how much longer do I have to wait for you, Aerie?" "Okay, I'm coming!", you say. Then you go to the waterfall and fly out from Whirl Island to the blue sky... and Lugia asks you, "Hey Aerie? Where are you from?" You answer...

Written by *Stars* (edited by wanderer)

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