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Full Power Aeroblast

This time, you will release the full power of Aeroblast! You open your mouth and a golden ball of energy shines; you release it with full power, and Lugia attacks at the same time! Two Aeroblasts become one, sending the would-be trainer flying back through the hole he entered by. Lugia says to you,"Wow, what an awesome Aeroblast! I've never seen one like that before!" You say to Lugia, "Thanks, but I'm... kinda tired now", and Lugia replies, "You must be exhausted. Well... have a nice rest, Aerie". Then you sleep in the bed that Lugia showed you. In the morning, you wake up, and Lugia asks you, "Morning, Aerie! Do you want to go flying today?" You answer...

Written by *Stars* (edited by wanderer)

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