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Continue to eat

You decide to continue eating, because you still have room for desert.

Before you can reach over for a slice of the cake, the witch flicks her fingers once more, which causes the cake to slice itself up and land on the different plates.

"Dig in my friends." The witch says. "For tomorrow we train."

"Training for what?" You think. "Oh well, might as well eat this cake."

You eat one slice, then another, and another, partially unbeknownst to you, your stomach continues to grow and grow, at the moment you look like you are 7 months pregnant.

The pressure in your stomach is increasing greatly, you look down and see that stretch marks are appearing on your stomach, you look up to see another slice of cake on your plate, which you grab and shove into your mouth and swallow whole, you can feel your stomach stretch to receive the cake, you grab another one off your plate, your stomach stretches some more, another slice, more stretching, another couple of slices, even more stretching, it's getting hard to breath now, but you push on.

After pushing yourself for awhile, you slow down and feel the table digging into your stomach, you stop and look down and see that, not only is your stomach into the table, your stomach has actually grown out your sides as well, you reach your hands down and feel that they are hard like rocks.

You reach for another slice, only to find out that there isn't any more, you look up and see that the entire cake is gone, not even a crumb!

"Well that appears to be all the cake, now, it's getting late, so it's off to bed." The witch says, using a napkin to wipe some cake crumbs off her face.

You are feeling sleepy, you don't think that you'll be able to make it to your room, you start waddling out the room, walking down a hall, and into the hallway you were inn earlier, noticing that each door had a name engraved in them, you go into the room with your new name Fiollia.

You then try to take you catsuit off, but, you ate way too much for that task, you can't bend over, so you just collapse on your bed and go to sleep

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