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The Feast

The next few minutes were pure pandemonium, all of the kitsunes, including you, were running over each other, scrambling for a seat, and when they did find a seat, they made sure to plop down on it, so then another couldn't take their place.

"Alright, alright settle down." You hear the witch say, with every-vixen (vixen is the female name for a fox) turning to one end of the table, which is where the witch was sitting. "I know you all must be excited for food, but, this fighting won't get us anywhere." She then proceeds to look around the room, at each vixen. "Plus, this is a dual purpose party, one it's for the new birthday vixen to receive her new name, and two, it's to celebrate her birthday." New name, well, you can't go by your old one anymore, might as well get a new one. "So, your new name will be, Fiollia! Happy Birthday!"

"Happy Birthday Fiollia!" The other vixens yell as they finish sitting down.

"Now for the moment you all've been waiting for. Let's eat!" At those words pandemonium resumed, vixens digging into whatever meat there was on the table, without caring about being lady like.

After a few moments of constantly eating, you noticed that you Spandex Catsuit (That was the spandex suit that I was talking about) was starting to feel tight around the middle, you look down and noticed that your stomach was pushing your catsuit out a good bit, the suit was stretching, but you didn't want to push it.

You find a zipper down right below your stomach, so you pull the zipper up to just beyond the little bulge that's currently there, and resume eating.

After a while you finally begin to feel full, right as the food on the table runs out.

"I hope that you still have room in your stomachs." The witch finally says something. "Because now it's time for dessert!" She then flicks her fingers, and a large multi-layer cake suddenly appears where there once was a mess.

Should you keep going yes or no?

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