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Ben's feet fucked

It had been over a month now since Jack had started his deal with Ben allowing him to play with his feet and he'd been loving every minute of it. Most of the time it consisted of Jack removing ben's footwear in his room and licking his lare rough orange feet but sometimes it involved sniffing ben's shoes and socks, with ben now wearing socks because Jack asked him to which surprisingly he did).

But recently for Jack things have been a bit different with Ben which he has noticed from time to time such as about a week ago, he and Ben were in the living room and the other fantastic four members where out shopping. While on the couch, Jack had noticed ben was lying down with his feet bare, which jack loved to see but without even asking ben sudenly moved his right foot to Jack's crotch, lighty pressing his large rocky foot against the now growing bulge in Jacks pants. For a couple of minutes, ben continued to slowly rub his foot over Jacks bulge, bringing out quite moans of ecstasy from the young man. By that point Jack couldn't hold back any longer, trying to remove his pants to get the true experience of Ben's foot against his cock but before he could the sound of the evevator arribing at their floor rang, causing Jack to quickly reajust himself while Ben mived his foot back to it's original spot.

Similar things hand been occuring between the two of them and Jack was curious, wondering if Ben was now starting to enjoy their little feet fun. So he decides to go all out a couple of weeks later, with Reed ans Sue going on holiday for their anniversary and Johnny heading out to Miami for a good time, leaving Ben and Jack alone for a full week. A couple of days into their alone time Jack decided to take his plans into action, hunting for ben he found him in his chair in the livig room, fast asleep. Jack moved over to check Ben's status, that being of him in one of his deep sleeps, snoring and to Jack's excitment, Ben wearing his shoes. Jack began his plan, moving slowly so that he sat in front of Ben's feet, he moved his hands to the right foot first, undoing the laces so that he vould remove the shoe. He tugged, feeling the footwear slowly make its move to reveal Ben's socked foot! Jack repeated the same process with the left foot now, taking his time and when both socked feet were bare, he pulled down his zipper and pulled out his erect cock. He took in a deep breath, thinking in his mined that he couldn't believe he was about to fuck his friends feet but he wanted this, he needed this. Jack spread his legs open and moved both Ben's socked feet placing them on his penis, sending and an instant wave of pleasure through Jack. He started to move, slowly thrusting into the soft fabric of his friends socks, feeling his shaft being massaged by Ben's soles, sarting to pant at the exceptinal sensation of the moment. Eventually, Jack felt the pre cum that began to ooze out of his tip, lavering it into the socked feet but was shocked to suddenly see the feet he was fucking, clasp his erect cock so that the toes were around the head and the heels were near the base. He looked up to find a smirling Ben Grimm with his head resting in his palm and looking down at him.

"So ya wanna take it to the next step do you?"

Jack was shocked yet arouses at what Ben had jist said.

"Sorry big guy, didn't want to wake you, just thought i'd do the pleasure."

"You know you could've asked Jack i don't mind."

"But the deal was only for my sake, when did you start getting into this?"

At that point, Ben blushed, scratching his hin wih his finger.

"Well it started about the fourth time, after we were done doing our usual thing of you licking my feet you left .y room and that night i started to dream of you doing that and more with my feet and when i woke up I noticed I had a massive boner so since then after are sessions I've been masturbating over the thought of what we're doing."

"Ohh I no wonder things felt different."

"Ye I been sending you some secret signals for a wile now, took your dam time."

"Well lets keep at it" Jack said, grabbing hold of Ben's ankles, he began to thrust again into the socked feet. The only difference this time Ben and now begun to move his feet up and down, slowly caresing the tip of Jack's cock with his chubby socked toes, soaking in the pre that was eminating from Jack. He moaned in pleasure as he felt both feet caress and massage his eager rod in every way possible.

"Now its time to take it uo a notch!" Ben exclamied. Jack was ready for what was next but was surprised to have the heavlny feeling of feet on his cock end. He looked up to see Ben lifting his left foot up over his right knee, grabbing hold kf the edge of his sock, he slolwy pulled on it, firzt to reveal his chunky, rocky ankles, then his curved lucious heel and finally the chubby toes that Jack so loved. Ben placed the sock down and as he was about to repeat the same with his right foot he felt Jack grab hold of his leg.

"Allow me" said Jack, bringing the socked foot towards his face, he engulfed all the socked toes into his mouth licking and sucking on them and them bitting the tip of the sock, ripping it off the glorious foot it belonged too. With that Jack slat the sock out onto the floor and gave Ben a dirty look that was asking for more and with that he recived as be felt a sudden push against his cock, forcing Jack to lean back in ecstasy. Looking up a little, he saw Ben's bare feet, pushing his cock down as hard as they could, leaving Jack once more to continue thrusting. It felt amazing, the rough texture he so loved to taste, molesting his cock all over, rubbing his heels into the base, his soles caresing the rock hard shaft and his head being squoze by the plump toes.

By this point Ben needed to let off some steam too., undoing his zipper, he pulled iut his orange, rocky cock but to make things better he placed his unused sock over it as cover, begining to masturbate into his sock at the sight of Jack squirming under both his feet. Jacl couldn't manage much longer, he grabbed hodl of both ankles and statted to trmhrust fatster and fatser, while chanting Ben's name over and over again. Ben was in the same position, soon they would both go but it was a race to see who would last longer. With that Ben postioned his feet so that Jack's cock was riding up both his soles and through his toes , squeezing them to over his shaft.

And wih some final thrust into Ben's big strong feet, Jack moaned as cum shot out of his cock all over Ben's toes and slowly dribbling down his soles. It wasn't long before Ben came as well, filling his sock until cum was lealomg through it.

Both men began to pant and pant, trying to calm down after such a wonderful event. Eventually Jack looked up at Ben:

"Ready for round 2?"

"You bet, it clobberin time."

And with that Ben sat up picking up Jack and carrying him to his room.

Written by an anonymous author

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