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ben grimms feet fun!

Jack was a good friend of the fantastic four, especially ben. The only reaseon though ben became his favourtie was becuase he loved his big, rocky, orange feet. One morning, jack had got up late to find everyone had left except him and ben, he realised this was the perfect moment to try and see bens feet and maybe even touch them. When he entered the living room he found ben watching the new but with shoes on, leaving jack dissapointed.

But he had another brilliant idea, if he could some how trick ben in to taking his shoes off then he would be succesful. He began to make his move by sitting with ben. He thought of what to say and began the conversation. "Hay ben can I ask a question"? He asked "Sure, ask away" ben replied, "Well I was wondering, what shoesize do u wear"? He cunningly asked hoping ben would start to fall into his trap. "Size 19, why"? "Really, well they looked bigger to me like about a size 23, r u sure your not lying?" "Look jack I aint lyin, my shoe size is 19, trust me'" "I'm not sure prove it to me!" "Why not take my word for it?" "Well I don't think so unless u prove it," "Fine then," ben finished. He looked down at bens shoes, he saw as ben slowly moved his left foot behined his right, the anticipation was sending jack crazy! He froze, hearing his heart beat go louder as ben's right foot slowly began to lift up causing the tip of his left shoe to stop the back of his right shoe. Ben's right foot continued to rise finally showing ben's orange ankles and still going up. Jack felt his heart racing. Now ben had just popped out his heel, jack looked at, thinking it was amazing but resisting the urge to grab it. The rest of his barefoot was about to come out when ben noticed the new talking about sports making him loose the grip of his feet and making his heel slide back in. Jack felt robbed, robbed of seeing bens lousicus feet! But, he still had time before the others got back...

Later that day after many failed attampts,jack finally gae up, it was only an hour until the others came back so he sat on th couch deppressed. When ben entered the room he saw something wad wrong with jack and decided to find out. "Are u all right jack?" "Ye, its just..." "Just what?" "I..I can't say," "Jack, you know you can tell me, I won't mind," "Well you see I...I've been trying to get you to take your shoes off to see your feet becuase I think there sexy!" The sudden outburst of this news left ben shocked for a few seconds. "Well I guess youy think I'm wierd now right?" "No I don't, I told you I don't care if its whatever it is, I'm your friend," this left jack feeling better. "Well its a fail now since it won't be long till the others get back so I won't be able to see your feet,' spoke jack, "Well, how about I do a deal with you?" "A deal?" "Ye, how about if you help me with some work from time to time, I'll pay you by letting you take my shoes off and for an extra bonus, you can do whatever you want to them!' "Really but won't you feel wierd?" "Don't forget though, I can't feel anything with my skin so I won't feel a thing!" "Ok then, deal!" The two shook hands to keep this secret between themselves. Ben allowed to let jack have a free one today after all his attepts, before the others got back. They headed to bens room and locked the door behined them.

Ben sat down on the end of his bed "are you ready for this jack," "Ready!" Jack answered. He nelt down at bens feet and lifted his right leg up first (since the right was his favourtie). He kept one hand holding the leg while the other grabbed bens shoe, caustiously removing it. First he say the heel from earlier today then he began sliding the shoe further of beginging to see the rest right until it past the big toes. They were better than jack imagined, they were so big andd felt lovely. He then placed the shoe down and began to tickle bens foot. He thought there would be a reaction of laughter but to his surprrise, ben didn't even flinch once! He continued tickling until he finally started to hug bens foot, feeling so warm against his body. Then, jack had a great idea, he moved bens foot to his face and began to lick the sole. The taste of bens warm, big fott was incredible! He then moved to the toes, starting to put one by one in his mouth, giving them a good suck.

After about a couple of minutes licking bens right foot, he began the same process again with bens left foot and it was fantastic! When jack had finished, he let go of both of bens feet and took a breath to calm down. "That was brilliant, are you sure your ok with this ben?" "Ye I'm fine didn't feel one bit but now I have saliva over both my feet and the others are heading up now so I'll have to wash my feet first before coming out but it was no problem." Jack got up ready to leave the room before exiting he said "thanks ben for keeping this a secret and fufilling my dreams!" Then jack left onl to leave a room with only ben and his saliva covered feet.

The End.

Written by an anonymous author

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