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Time wounds all heels

As soon as you pass through, you notice the smell. It's not the smell of a lab, or a kitchen, or anything you would expect. Instead you smell age and mildew. You hear a dripping sound, and see roots pushing through the ceiling, where watter drips to the floor. You see shelves of books and work tables, glass beakers, though they are stained with black growths.

Angela wheels you to the bookshelf, where you try to see the titles. They are tarnished with age, but you see one makes with 'Spells and potions' and eagerly reach for it...

Only to have it fall apart as you pull on it, disintegrating into mush. You pull at another, and again it crumbles at your touch, as frantically you claw at one after another, only to find them putrified. Unlike the library, this one has been exposed to the elements, and whatever secrets these books held have been lost to time and fungus. "No.... no, no, no," you say, as the realization that you wasted your time looking for this. "Why? It's not fair!" you weep, tears rolling down your fat cheeks.

"Master?" says Angela, visibly concerned. "It's not fair!" you yell again, "Why can't I just find what I'm looking for?"

"If it helps, there may be some surviving copies somewhere in the library." Angela says, "I know it's probably not as good as the originals, but Bathory did keep back up copies hidden, though she kept their locations secret."

You perk up. You have been searching the library... maybe... maybe you havn't been waisting time. Sure you were looking at history, but you would notice something like 'spells and potions', if you keep looking...

"Okay," you say, calming down and with new conviction in your voice. "Take me to the library." Angela looks overjoyed, "Yes master! I'll get you some snacks to help you." she says, wheeling you at full speed...

Written by an anonymous author

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