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Get some clothes

You wake up on the couch, covered in crumbs and smeared with various condiments. Groggily, you struggle to get to your feet, feeling the couch beneath you creak. As you push against the arm, there is a loud snap as the arm breaks, followed by a cascade of splintering wood. The arm falls away as your bulk crushes everything beneath it and you fall back, leaving a demolished loveseat beneath your wobbling frame. ďCrap,Ē you groan to no one in particular, as you struggle to roll over and push yourself to your feet. You pull out pieces of wood out of the rolls of flab you can reach, before pulling and shaking what you can reach to try dislodge the pieces you canít. Now you need a new couch... scratch that, you need a flatbed and a wheelbarrow. Whatever, something reinforced with tons of metal. You donít even know how much you weigh, so itís not like you can compare the weight limit on furniture. Speaking of which, you need to see a doctor, if nothing else, to check your health. You also need clothes and more food. Probably clothes first, your tight pjs are nowhere close to work attire.

You walk out to the mall to get clothes. You would have preferred some private store, but you canít fit through anything smaller then double doors. You draw stares, and feel your cheeks burn as you huff and puff your way to a big and tall. You donít bother with anything commercial, your sure you rate more xís then the 4 most people carry. You search through the racks, comparing what you find, only to be disappointed as the largest size seems to be the only likely candidate. 9XL, figures, you grab a few to try on. The shirts still arnít big enough, leaving you stomach sticking out from beneath the material, and the pants and shorts can only get pulled up if there is elastic in the waistband. Even then you fear it is ready to snap if you try to stretch too much. Itís better then nothing though, and at least itís more comfortable. You pay for it and change into a shirt and sports shorts, then lumber out as the cashier stares at the undulating blob that redefined his definition of big.

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