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What Then That Third Wish

"Please, help me..., these changes happening to my body, they are making me feel a horrid sense of dire lust. I never felt such a want for feeling my penis buried deep, me thrusting, doing, as would a wicked female animal. I want to feel a penis as sheath deep, his soft folds of maleness gracing those equally soft folds of my female vulva. Want, wants, and wanting, I work my fingers at masturbating my Satyress pussy. I love the feelings it gives me, but hate the passions it stirs within my chest, as it disgraces my human soul.

You have infected me with evil desires, and enveloped me with a body changing to conform, as it becomes more that of an animal, like a goat. This new me, it  soon as the real me, partially goat like, a sexual Satyress. Oh how, the lust I feel has me wishing I was more akin to being all a goat than of remaining in part as if a woman.

Soon, I shall wear goat horns and from them eating away at my brain, my mind and body shall become as insatiably horny. Horny is as horny does, I shall need to fornicate, and the more I feel the need, the worse I shall feel want to mate with either man or beast, genders not mattering.

My spine burns as the sensation of my growing a tail reminds me, of how it differentiates me from my being the human I was born to be, making me then as an animal. An animal, Animal, the word is by itself a curse upon human kind, I am then more an animal than as a woman." I stated, stood there and argued, both with self and with she who caused his infection.

"If you dislike being a satyr so much, consider this, as just begin breeding only with buck goats, and continue mating only goats, you shall continue to change, and become as a herd alpha female goat. If that appeals to you, then do as I suggest, and let your womb and sensual vagina do your deciding of your future.

You cannot go back to being all of form to be again a human, as that is part of your past.

You could stay a Satyress and learning to like then fornicating only with human males. Mating with men infects them, and they in turn become for you as a herd of Satyrs; they with you making the lustier lovers, whether vaginally, or orally, the new you shall instill lust in males, humans, anthropics, or animals.

You could go gay and delight your lusts by infecting female humans, they to become as more goat-like than being as satyrs.

Understand this, that you are as a man cursed, assuredly damned both in life and you living, as in death, doomed to an eternity spent in Hell!" So said the damning as damned satyr to his prey.


Written by AdobeFats

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