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Of sheer Want

I did it to myself, though would if could have begged fulfill my greatest sexual fantasy, and then did. I have paid the price, and with continuing to experience the female style of sexual pleasure, makes me as little better than a animal in rut!

My desires are to feel sexual copulation, I have no choice!

I must obey the new me, the feminine side of being in part a goat with the mind and memories of being once a man. I am a slave to my feminine first and goatish sexual ambitions. I knelt gasping while balancing on hands and furry knees as letting a big gray buck stand mounted, as if I were his doe, leaving me to feeling helpless. He discharged his load and withdrew only to re-mount me for a second as then a third, fourth, and fifth mating session.

Feeling bloated and rather used, I staggered out of the shed, the buck following me, he giving head-butting shoves as if wishing me to go inside the goat pen wand join those there, they of his herd.

"Oh no, I said to the big buck, "Those does are your duty to relieve their wanton passions, as mine are abated after you doing me five times in an hour!"

I reached a hand forward and opened the gate, as motioning for him to trot inside and begin his lusty play with real-born goats. I wanted to yell at him, but caught the scent of his doe goats, what hit me with a wish to continue my lusty endeavors for the whole night, whether with him or any other willing buck goat. Whether it was the Spite egging me to do as might a goat in rut, but my sensed lust returned and drove me to looking for some buck goat to fill me fuller than I felt fully filled.

Was it from becoming female, or being in part as is a goat, but the lust and desire for having sex came over me like a great wave!

I never felt so enthused about being aroused!

Wholly incapable to cease my need for sex I let buck after buck mount me, they as I were gasping from our pleasures, me enjoying the taunt feel of stout cock lunging inside what of me was a tight fit.

A sheer wow feeling when big balls bonked at my furry rump, my buck thrusting, doing for me as my deep, dark, dire desires wanted as done.

Some of what remained me the man felt horrified by what I was letting happen.

As my udder swayed with every thrusting of my lusty buck, my breasts bounced and everything about being female and part a goat seemed so righteous!

Written by AdobeFats

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