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You find a potion

You waddle on for a while. You look for a place to eat but there seem to be no easily accessable places with food. The village seems to be extremely poor. Everyone you find is complaining about their lack of money. After a while you come across a place called "Free food!" The name sounds strange but you go in anyway. You see some soldiers laying on the ground. You inspect and discover they've been killed. You see a bag with some bread hanging out of it. You quickly grab the bag and run back to Rodger.

When you arrive he says "What took so long!?" You don't answer and just show him the bag full of food. You and him open the bag and inspect it's contents. It has enough food for both of you. At the bottom you see something different. You pull out two bottles. One has a red potion, and the other has a blue potion. You keep searching through the bag and you find two pieces of paper.

One piece of paper says "Will make you into a superior species than what you are now."

The other paper says "Use on your enemy to make them into a inferior creature."

You soon realize that the two papers were the labels for the two potions at the bottom of the bag. Since the labels fell off, you don't know which is which. You know that the one that says it would make you into a "superior" species would help you, but if you accidentally take the "inferior" potion it would turn you into an animal even worse than what you are now.

There's the blue and the red potions, you don't know which is the good and which is the bad one. Which one do you take?

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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