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You glance at the sign and see that Rodger has picked out one that points the way to the nearest town. "Um... are you sure that is a good idea?" you ask, "I mean, a dragon and a wolf walking into town ... wouldn't that cause a bit of a panic?" You can only imagine how people would respond to a fire breathing dragon in their midst. "Well, it's not like we have and leads to go on, we might as well give it a try. Besides, it's better then going to 'Ye old dark forest'" he says pointing down way to a sinister looking patch of forest road that cast a shadow that may as well be night. Looking at it, you have to agree. "Town it is then." you say, and brace yourself for having to walk even more.


After what feels like eternity of walking, though in reality it was probably just a mile, you finally see the town ahead, surrounded by fields of corn and herds of sheep and goats. By now you feel famished. Despite the previous meal you had, the effort of carrying so much weight feels like it's burned a hole in your stomach. Ahead you see a boy sitting on a fence where sheep are grazing. "He kid!" you yell, "Any place we can eat in this town?" you call as you waddle your way towards him. The boy looks your direction, and the blood drains from his face, you hear a short "eep!" before he takes of running towards town. You turn and see Rodger behind you. "Great, you scared him off," you say, a bit annoyed, "Maybe you should wait out here while I check things out." you say. "Well fine," says Rodger, sitting down on his hindquarters, "But you better get me some food as well while your at it." he says as you begin waddling once more towards the buildings.

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