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Knock the lamp off the nightstand


You decide it's easiest to knock the knock off the nightstand while you're already up here. The lamp is on the left nightstand though, while the alarm clock is on the right one.

You jump back to the bed from the right nightstand. It's a lot easier to go back than it was to go before. You walk over to the other side of the bed. The left nightstand is a lot closer to the bed than the right one was. It's only about 6 inches away. You pick up your front right hoof and put in on the nightstand. You can just walk over this one. You soon are on the nightstand easily. You walk over to the lamp and just push it like it's nothing. It makes a shattering sound, but it's not as loud as you imagined, probably because you're so short now, and the height seems like a lot more than it is.

"That has to be enough sound!" You say in your head, since you can't speak. Suddenly you hear footsteps outside the door. You pray to yourself that the spell will last long enough for you to be able to switch bodies with the farmer. Suddenly the door slams open and you see the farmer.

He says "What the hell did you do-" His words are cut off, because you make eye contact with him. You feel tingly, and when you open your eyes again, you are once again a human. You won.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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