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Set off the alarm clock


You decide to try to set off the alarm clock, and hope it makes enough noise to attract the farmer. There are two nightstands, the alarm clock is on the right one.

First you need to get up to the nightstand. You need to climb up the bed, and then jump to the right nightstand where the alarm clock is. The bed is big compared to you, it's at least 3 feet tall and you're no bigger than 8 inches. But you try, you put your little cow leg up on the mattress base, and then the other front leg. You try to lift your other legs up to the base but between the bony cow legs and the cow fat it's just not possible. You try moving your front legs even higher to see if you can climb that way. You scoot over to the pole on the corner of the bed and wedge your hoof inbetween the mattress and the cornerpiece. You soon are able to lift your back legs up to the mattress base. You climb your front legs up to the top of the mattress, they almost slip. You climb up again by wedging your backright leg inbeteeen the cornerpiece and the mattress. And you soon get your backleft leg to the top, and then climb your last hoof up. You are thankful that it just has one mattress.

Now you just need to get over to the nightstand holding the alarm clock. The bed is humongous, just it's over 10 times the size of you, although everything is big compared to a baby cow. The right nightstand is about 8 inches away from the bed. You're very worried you'll fall trying to reach it. You reach out your front right hoof and see if you can even reach it. You can, barely. You reach with your left hoof as well. But you soon lose your balance and almost fall. You catch yourself by hanging your front hooves on the nightstand and your back hooves on the bed. You don't know how you're gonna get out of this situation, you're hanging on like a bridge, if you move anything you'll fall all the way to the ground! The world answers your question when you feel your back hooves begin to slip off the bed. You try to stop them but you can't. You feel them fall. You're surprised when you feel your back hooves find a place to grasp on the nightstand. They're now holding onto the notch of the drawer. You quickly climb your front legs up and pull up your back legs.

You see the alarm clock, it's a modern digital one with buttons on the top. You quickly walk over to it, your feet feel tired from all that climbing. You see a button on the top that says "Alarm" You assume you need to hold that button and set a time. You put up your front right hoof on the alarm button. You just now realize how more flexible and dexterous you are now compared to when you were an adult cow. Too bad calves can't stay this small forever. You have your front right hoof on the alarm button, when you try to change the alarm time with your front left hoof they both just slip off. So you have to change the time using your muzzle. It's hard to do, first of all you can't quite tell where your muzzle is going, with a baby cow's depth perception not being the best, and secondly you have to look back and forth to what you're setting the clock to, because your nose is so big that it constantly blocks it. But eventually you set the time to one minute after, and the clock goes off. It makes a sound mimicking a traditional alarm clock, which is strange because it's a digital alarm clock.

It's not enough noise, you need to do something to make more sound before the 10 minutes end, or else you'll be stuck in this body forever.


Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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