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Turn on the TV


You quickly jump off the nightstand and climb down the bed, after you set off the alarm clock. You quickly run to the wardrobe to retrieve the TV remote under it. It's not far under there. You stick your front left hoof under to see if you can reach it. You do, easily. You push it through to come out of the left side. You see the TV remote. It's covered in dust. It's shaped rectangular. It has number buttons, accompanied by many buttons along the lines of play, pause, fast forward, etc. You try to grab the remote in your hooves, but it's near impossible. So you pick it up in your mouth and pray you don't accidentally break it. You take it over to in front of the television and look at it. It doesn't look very interesting, so you just push the power button and hope it turns on.

You see the TV flash, but after the flash there is no sound. And the screen is blank. It isn't until you see that it says "Game" on the screen that you realize it's on the wrong channel. You put your hoof on the input button, it flashes and then goes to a blank screen. You press it again, another blank screen. The third time you press it, it finally goes to cable television. It's still quiet, so you put your hoof on the volume up button and hold it. When the volume reaches 100 the volume isn't going up anymore. The TV is making as much sound as it can. It's a lot easier than climbing a bed.

You hope to yourself that this will be enough to attract the farmer to you. But nothing happens, after all that noise, he just ignores it? Too late to do anything else, you feel the spell leaving your body already. You've lost. You're now stuck as a baby cow.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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