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Switch with the baby cow


You quickly look over to the baby cow below you and instantly switch bodies with it. You feel strange, probably because you just went from an adult cow to a baby cow. You feel a lot smaller, and lighter. The farmer is still slowly lifting up the cow, that's now technically your mother. You stumble over to the farmer, it's hard to walk. When you finally reach him, he's towering over you. You still can't reach his eyes from where you are now, you need to do something else. You try to call him:

"moo." It sounds quieter than quiet, even you can only hardly hear it. You need to signal him some other way. You try rubbing his feet. He eventually looks down at you, but you're too slow to get his eye contact.

He says "I guess you must be getting cold. Sorry Jennifer, I need to take your daughter out of the cold." He soon leans over and picks you up, still without making any eye contact. You're now in his arms. The way he is holding you, you're staring at the ground. You can't get eye contact with him this way!

He's carrying you somewhere, you have no idea where. You can only watch the ground below you. As a baby cow you're too weak to fight his arms, you can do nothing but let him hold you.

After a while you see the ground change to wood, you really wonder where he is taking you. You soon see the ground slowly get closer. You realize you're being placed under a blanket. The blanket is bigger than your entire body, and he's holding it down so you can't escape. A few seconds you feel his hands release a blanket. By the time you escape he is gone.

You are now inside a building, like a house. Inside a bedroom, on a bed, a human bed. You haven't seen one in over a week. He put a baby cow in his guest room?

You look around the room, it looks like a normal human's room. There's a closed window you can't reach, a locked wardrobe, a box 90s-style television, a clock on the wall, a nightstand by the bed which anonymous objects in it, and of course the bed. The door is closed and you hear footsteps outside, you know it must be the the farmer. You need to get out there, but the door is closed. You need to do something to attract his attention.

You look around the giant bedroom for something capable of making tons of noise. You look around. You look up on the nightstand for something that could make a lot of noise. On the nightstand you see a water bottle, a lamp, and an digital alarm clock. You keep looking around the room. There is nothing under the bed except some crumbs. Most of the room is as clean as a whistle, besides the cow living in it. Under the wardrobe you see something, you struggle to reach your baby cow legs under to see it's a TV remote. You look at the TV, it looks heavy but maybe you could push it over. So what do you do?


Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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