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Make eye contact with the cow


You look over at the cow two pens beside the farmer. You feel your soul transfer and then you are the cow. You look two pens over to the pen where the farmer almost has the other cow up. You still can't reach his eyes from where you are. You look over back to the sheep to see it's now facing away from you, there's no going back now. You hear the farmer say "Jennifer, why are you so heavy!?" And then he soon gets her all the way up. After he gets the cow up he starts walking towards the pen door and opens it.

Out of panic you say "MOOOOOOOO!!!" But it fails to get him to turn around and face you. He just walks away, without ever looking at you.

You feel hopeless, probably because you are. You've lost. You feel the spell gone. You will spend eternity in the body of the animal you ended the 10 minutes in.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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